Radio Control Trucks 2 Pack:  Daisy Jo + Tailgate Party

Radio Control Trucks 2 Pack: Daisy Jo + Tailgate Party

Redneck Roadkill RC

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- Brand new and with an "edge". 

- Highly detailed Redneck Roadkill Tailgate Party and Daisy Jo Camel radio control trucks and have got to be kidding me!

  • Full function remote controller...: drives and steers forward, back, left and right to tickle tight turns and smoke straight-a-ways.
  • Collectible: 1:24 scale, 2.4 GHz
  • Battery Operated (4AAA for truck + 2 AA for remote controller – not included)
  •        Great GIFT for the MAN CAVE, FATHER’S DAY, 3rd cousins and everyone who loves to laugh…RC CAR and HOBBY enthusiasts too.

 Tailgate Party comes with:

  • Tailgate pickup truck with looks of a real party-mobile, weathered body and fenders, beefy tires, working suspension, vanity plates and expired parking tickets on windshield. But what’s this…a party-tub in the back for “dude” and “chick” characters to take a soak?  No way…way!
  • Looks “right on” when BUMPER STICKERS are applied.
  • Includes 7 mascot targets for smashin’ and tailgate party gameplay

Daisy Jo Camel, comes with:

  • Workin' tight spots and with the looks of an authentic redneck tow truck, weathered body and fenders, license plates, beefy tires, and independent suspension. Ready for prime time when BUMPER STICKERS, TRUCK DING and ROADKILL SCORING DECALS are applied.
  • Flatten 14 accessories including; billboards, road signs, tombstones, fencing and varmits.
  • WARNING…Daisy Jo is wilder than a 5th Ace (ages 14+ and “R” rated for some content). Truly for those that already have everything…perfect ADULT TOY and Gift for the MAN CAVE.