Really Dumb FAQ

Are there Rednecks living outside the USA? 
Word has it some have been spotted in Canada, Australia and Kreplachistan. 

Do Redneck Roadkill RC trucks come with steering on the right side for consumers living in the British Empire? 
Are you nuts? 

Will Redneck Roadkill RC trucks haul dressed deer or elk carcasses? 
Not very far. 

What kind of mileage can I expect to get on the highway? 
0 MPH. We do not recommend highway driving. 

For cleaning, do you recommend taking these trucks to the local carwash and are the floor mats removable? 
For anyone asking this question we recommend you do not buy our trucks. 

Is there a Carfax available for Redneck Roadkill RC trucks? 
Maybe for your Dodge Ram pickup…but not for these. 

Why type of engine oil is recommended? 
A light imported Olive Oil works well on salads and when applied to the grill prior to BBQ.

If someone breaks into a Redneck Roadkill truck, is there security system that activates a siren?
If the intruder is not a redneck, then a siren is activated. Rednecks are allowed to break in siren free.