Really Good FAQ

What is Redneck Roadkill RC? 

Redneck Roadkill RC is designed as an authentic, old, beat-up and weathered pick up truck which smash “break-apart” varmints or accessories (included but different with each product).  Each pick up truck is customizable through the application of bumper stickers and other decals.

What is the scale of the trucks? 

1:24 scale

What does the product come with? 

Each Redneck Roadkill RC product is different but all include; (1) radio controlled pick-up truck, (1) full-function radio controller, accessories (some styles with “break-apart” varmints and others with stand up billboard, tombstone, road sign and other accessories), redneck bumper stickers and other decals, instructions sheet for assembly and proper use.

How do I control Redneck Roadkill RC Trucks? 

A full function remote controller comes with the product allowing the player to drive their vehicle front-back-left-right. There is even a “steering trimmer” underneath the truck to fine-tune performance.

Should Redneck Roadkill be played inside or outside? 

Either, but superior performance and distance are realized when played on hard surfaces.  This product, however, should not be played with on public streets or highways.

What is the run time on one set of batteries? 

The run time varies depending upon whether continuous non-stop use and whether played on hard or soft surfaces.  On hard surfaces run continuously a new set of batteries should last 30-40 minutes.

What batteries are required and how many? 

The product uses 2 AA batteries for the remote controller and 4 AAAs for the truck. Batteries are NOT included with the product. For best results, alkaline batteries are recommended and should not be mixed with standard non-alkaline batteries. Also, new batteries should not be mixed with used batteries. Exhausted batteries are to be removed and properly discarded.

How do I care for my Redneck Roadkill RC? 

Redneck Roadkill Radio Control products pass all USA safety and quality testing requirements. Careful reading of the instructions included with each product for the proper use of batteries and non-abusive driving use of the vehicle into hard objects or through water which could damage the vehicle is recommended for the enjoyment of the vehicles and controllers.

If I have technical problems, who can I contact? 

Contact and we’ll get your questions answered.

Where does production take place?

Product is designed and engineered in the USA and production occurs in China at a factory with a history of producing quality radio controlled products.

What are the vehicles made of?

 The trucks and remote controller are made of high quality ABS plastic.  Accessories are made from either high density foam or sturdy stand-up cardboard depending upon the style.  The self-adhering decals are PET material.

Does Redneck Roadkill RC pass all safety standards?

Yes, Redneck Roadkill passes all USA safety standards prior to importation into the USA.  In addition, Redneck Roadkill meets and passes the ASTM F963 standards as well.